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About Us

Since 1987, Classroom Complete Press has assisted teachers and parents by providing world-class premium supplemental resource materials for students in grades PK to 12. Consider our products if you are looking for ready-made, current curriculum materials written to grade for regular and special education.

We are a publisher that leads by generating products to assist educators and inspire young people worldwide. Our resources are written by teachers for teachers following the most current educational standards. Our consistent pedagogy includes:

Teacher Guide - Information and tools for the teacher presented with clear instructions and colorful graphics. Including:

  • Assessment Rubric
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Comprehension Quiz
  • Word Searches
  • Vocabulary Lists

Student Handouts - For each chapter there are BEFORE YOU READ, READING PASSAGES, and AFTER YOU READ activities. Followed by writing tasks, hands-on activities, graphic organizers, and color mini posters.

  • Before You Read - activities to establish what the student already knows about the content and sets up a purpose for reading.
  • Reading Passage - where the bulk of the information is found, including stop queues to see if the student is comprehending what they are reading.
  • After You Read - activities to see if the student comprehends what they have read.

Easy Marking™ Answer Key - Marking students' worksheets is fast and easy with our Answer Key. Answers are listed in columns. Just line up the column with its corresponding worksheet and see how every question matches up with its answer.

Picture Cues - Picture cues are at the top of each page to show at a glance what the page is for.