Handwriting Skills Zaner-Bloser Simplified Method – Maintaining Legible Writing


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Legible  handwriting will help in all school subjects. And, even in the age of the computer, clearly written communication will be important throughout life. This book guides in the development of legible handwriting and provides opportunities for practice.

To maintain skills, children must keep practicing. Athletes, musicians, technicians, doctors, lawyers, and teachers all must continue practicing to maintain and improve skills. So do students. Handwriting Skills Simplified provides the guided practice students need to progress and succeed. 

This title assumes students have mastered the fundamentals of cursive writing and are ready to lose the middle-dotted guideline yet maintain form and function. This is review and practice designed to maintain form and speed to retain excellent penmanship. Practice, practice, and more practice with the simplified approach and techniques, all with ample review and evaluation. Based on the popular Zaner-Bloser Simplified Method, teachers and home-schooling parents alike will find this step-by-step program is the perfect path to legible penmanship.

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