Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers: Complete Set


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Each Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers? series highlights a different phonics pattern: short and long vowels, vowel pairs, beginning blends or consonant pairs. Each reader is printable with matching, printable tiles that help children learn to recognize these patterns automatically. All the words in the books contain either the focus phonics pattern or easy sight words, allowing children to search for words that contain the pattern while building fluency. Engaging stories and beautiful illustrations will keep them reading.
In the Tales and Tiles Vowel Pairs set, each book highlights words with a different medial vowel pair. The focus vowel pairs include digraphs, diphthongs, and r-influenced vowels. Each book contains many examples of words that follow the pattern. For the ea pattern, for example, children blend consonant sounds with the long e sound to read words such as seal, feast, meat, cream, beans. Printable guidebook is included for parents, teachers and others working with children to improve their reading.

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