3 Engaging Activities for End of Year

June is a month of conclusion. As well as the end of Spring, it's also the end of the school year. With Summer and its accompanying time off looms closer, it's easy to stop thinking about the classroom and start thinking about hot days and cool nights spent outside. Although time in the classroom is ending, that doesn't mean time to learn has. Enjoy these 3 engaging activities that promote outdoor learning to celebrate the end of the school year.

1. Experiment for World Environment Day

World Environment Day is June 5. This year it will be hosted by China with the theme: Air Pollution. Head outside and discuss improvements to the quality of air that we breathe. To get started, complete a fact card and accompanying worksheets to learn about air. Then, complete an experiment to discover how we feel air around us. Get these free worksheets from our Air, Water and The Environment sister resource for primary students in grades 2-4.

2. Celebrate Changing Seasons

The first day of Summer is June 21. Celebrate the change in seasons with a look back at the past year. Think about the last year. What was the weather like where you live? How did the weather change with the seasons? When was it hot? When was it rainy? When was it windy? Write down everything you can remember about each of the four seasons. Draw a picture of each season as it looks to you where you live. Do you know what type of climate you live in? Are you in the North or South part of Earth? Do you see all 4 seasons or just a few? Write your answers in the free graphic organizer.

3. Explore the Skies for Meteor Watch Day

Meteor Watch Day is June 30. Take advantage of the summer nights and stare up at the sky. Appreciate the intricate designs made by the stars. See if you can make out any of the constellations. Now imagine a meteorite is heading for Earth. Write a news report or broadcast that warns of this imminent attack. Include interviews and facts about meteors. Get full directions with our free worksheets from our Solar System resource for middle school students in grades 5-8.

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