Print Book Lessons
Every Classroom Complete Press resource includes the same consistent components. Once you are familiar with one title you can expect the same quality content layout for every title. Our LESSON PLANS have been created for ease of use by both teachers and students alike. Use them effectively for whole-class, small group and independent study.



Each PRINT BOOK features:

  • Teacher Guide: Information and tools for the teacher
  • Assessment Rubric: Evaluate students’ responses to activities
  • Vocabulary List: Improve comprehension 
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy: Build a full range of thinking skills for reading comprehension
  • Student Handouts: Reproducible worksheets featuring hands-on activities
  • Comprehension Quiz: Follow-up review and assessment after teaching the unit
  • Easy Marking Answer Key: Answers for all student handouts
  • Graphic Organizers/Mini Posters: Support the analysis of the text



    Your PRINT BOOK will be shipped to you within 24 hours from the time you place your order. To use, simply refer to the Teacher Guide for best practices, copy the pages you wish to use as Student Handouts and store the original complete Print Book in a safe place for unlimited teaching in the future. 


    • Maximize Time and Improve Results 
    • Curriculum-Based and Aligned to State Standards
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    "Very easy for students to use by themselves, but thorough enough that it covers the book in its entirety. Excellent resource!” ~ Stephanie Salazar