Acceptance, Inclusion and Independence for Autism Awareness

Get ready for National Autism Awareness Month in April by promoting acceptance, inclusion and independence in the classroom. Here are several worksheets from our 21st Century Skills and Daily Life Skills series to get students in the spirit.

Collaboration - Project Based Learning

Promote cooperation between peers with a group tower building project. In small groups, have your students work together to build a tower made only of toothpicks and marshmallows. Test the structure by placing an object on top. If it collapses, have your students re-build their tower until they have a sturdy creation.

Get the free worksheet here.

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Self-Care Skills

Encourage independence by providing the steps involved with personal hygiene. Give your students the confidence to take care of themselves with information on how to properly wash their hands and clean a cut.

Steps in Washing Hands: 1. Wet Hands 2. Add Soap 3. Scrub 4. Rinse 5. Dry with Clean Towel
Steps in Cleaning a Cut: 1. Wash with Soap and Water 2. Wipe with Alcohol 3. Add Healing Cream 4. Put on a Band-Aid

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Community Safety

Teach your students the necessary skills to be safe in the real world. Get helpful tips like knowing your route when traveling, or understanding that it's okay to say no when someone makes you uncomfortable.

Get more helpful tips to staying safe in the real world with this free poster.

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