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It's that time of year again: BACK TO SCHOOL! This is an exciting time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Armed with crisp notebooks and sharpened pencils, students enter the classroom eager to catch up with old friends. But there's something else just as exciting: a new curriculum. This is the perfect time to get students excited about what's to come this year. Whether it's a great novel they'll get to read, a new science experiment they'll get to test, or a math equation that will open up new possibilities. Now's the time to spark their interest in creative ways.

Here are some ideas to get students ready for Back to School.


At least once a year, every student will have to read and comprehend a book. To get them into the mood, play an ice breaker game that follows a key theme from the novel they will be reading. Maybe the novel has some historical significance. You could "time travel" to that point in history as a quick introduction to the setting. Show the cover of the book and open up the floor to predictions of what it will be about based solely on the artwork.

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Students will spend most of their time writing. Whether it's a short story, an informative essay, or a science report. This activity accounts for the majority of a student's academic career. So, it's easy to understand that it may not be their favorite activity. Get them in the mood with short writing activities. Give them large poster boards to write on. Let them show their creative side by making a summer vacation web. This web will showcase what they did during the summer without having to write a long narrative.

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Math—that subject that makes all students cringe. What they don't know is that math can be fun. Get them excited about numbers with drill activities and quick games. Set up a team-building challenge where students race to finish a set of drill questions. Learn about nets and have them construct three-dimensional shapes. Trick your students into having fun with math with brain teasers.

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Science is a pretty exciting subject on its own, so you may not need to get your students motivated for this one. However, there's still some great ideas you can do to introduce students to a topic, just to get their feet wet and excited for what's to come. The best place to start is with small, quick and easy experiments. For a physics class, make miniature hovercrafts using magnets. For a chemistry class, make edible rock candy. For a biology class, change the color of a flower's petals.

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History is another interesting subject for students. Learning about key moments in our past is both educational and fun. Get your students excited about the past with quick games and group activities. Play a game of trivial pursuit to see what they already know about things in history. Ask them to get into groups and re-enact a key moment in history for the class. Watch quick historical videos then have a group discussion to see what they comprehend.

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Daily Life Skills and 21st Century Skills are emerging topics. It may be difficult to incite excitement on these topics. Get your students in the mood with quick games that deal with daily and 21st century skills. Play a large-scale role-playing game by transforming the classroom into a grocery store or restaurant. Set up a mock fridge and pantry and map out where certain foods should go. Gain teamwork and problem-solving skills by working in small groups to solve silly puzzles.

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