Building Personal Brands: Preparing for Tomorrow

April 25 is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Give the tools your kids need to get ahead and start thinking about their future career. Prepare your kids for their future with exercises on building personal brands. A personal brand is how you sell yourself to the world. When thinking about future careers, the first step to being a success is having a strong network. To have a strong network, the first thing to do is establish yourself as a strong candidate for potential job positions. In order to do this, you must first establish a strong personal brand for yourself.

Get started with this Build Your Personal Brand worksheet. It will guide kids in what they need to think about in order to start building their brand. Once this is complete, follow the steps to creating an Elevator Speech. Use this worksheet to both create and practice an elevator speech. Kids will have 3 minutes to sell themselves to a potential employer. Use these activities while at work as practice.

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