Get Caught Reading This Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month. Encourage students to open a book and experience how much fun it is to read. Since 1999, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) have worked to promote this nationwide campaign. Whether it's a Newbery-winning story or a literary classic, there's something for everyone inside a book. Take this initiative one step further by testing student comprehension as they read. Take a look at some of our suggestions below, and don't forget to grab your free downloads.

Grades 3-4

Get inspired to make up your very own word with Frindle. In a journal prompt, students use their critical thinking skills to predict what career Nick will have when he grows up. Help design a miracle to save the life of a pig in Charlotte's Web. Students describe how Wilbur tried to make himself look 'radiant', and predict what Charlotte's 'masterpiece' will be. Travel to a land of giants with The BFG. Students reflect on how the story ends and create their own giant to live in this world.

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Grades 5-6

Find out what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt in The Egypt Game. Students write a message to a classmate using Egyptian hieroglyphics. Become stranded in the wilderness and learn to survive in Hatchet. Students complete a chart detailing the events Brian survives, what his reactions were, and what he learned from them. Travel Through the Looking-Glass to a fantastic world with interesting characters. Using details gathered throughout the novel, students draw a map of the looking-glass world.

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Grades 7-8

Solve a who-done-it mystery to claim a fortune in The Westing Game. Follow the clues in the story to solve the game before any of the characters. Experience the tragic tale of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Students explore Bruno's state of mind by detailing the lesson he learns from his conversation with Maria, and what experiences he thinks he shares with her. Become shipwrecked on The Cay, and find out what it takes to survive. Students use the description Timothy provides to Phillip to research the tea bird and draw a picture of it along with a fact sheet.

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Grades 9-12

Spend a few nights with The Old Man and the Sea, battling with a fish and your own will-power. Students explore the character of Santiago by indicating what he said that suggested big fish were nearby, and what this says about his experience. Enter a post-apocalyptic and desolate wasteland that will challenge you to survive along The Road. Students make predictions of the disaster that destroyed the world based on clues left by the author. Explore the downfall of civilization while surviving with peers on an island in Lord of the Flies. Students map out Ralph's mindset by identifying some of the things that he reflects on.

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Free Downloads

Meet Matilda and the power she has to move things with her mind. Research famous magic tricks throughout history, and find out how they are done. Imagine a society where The Giver holds all the memories of human kind. This is no easy job. Students choose a career they are interested in and research all that is involved with it. Travel back to medieval times with Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Learn about the real-life figure of John Ball and his role during this era.

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