Get Creative with a New Hobby this National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month. It’s a great time to explore your creative side. Crafting differs from art through its creation of useful things. For example, a painting or sculpture expresses the feelings of the artist. A craft, such as knitting or pottery, will create an object that can be used, like a scarf or mug. March is a great time to celebrate this most accessible artform. Anyone can craft. You don’t need to be a talented artist to create something useful. It’s the perfect outlet to unleash your creative mind. Get started on your next crafting project with these ideas:

1. Get colorful for the first day of Spring. On March 20, we celebrate the changing of the seasons. Capture this change by painting eggs in different colors and designs. You can use any form of color, such as markers or paints. You can also make your own dye by mixing 1 tsp vinegar, ¼ tsp food coloring and ¾ cup water. Dip the eggs into the dye, holding them longer for deeper color.

2. Merge science with art by crafting your own terrarium. Once you’ve completed your tiny ecosystem, study it. For full instructions, download the hands-on experiment here.

3. Add a personal touch to a birthday greeting with a home-made card. You can do this by hand or use a computer. Think up your own heartfelt message to print on the inside.

4. Explore the history of the ancient art of papier-mache. It originated in China, the country that invented paper itself. Between 202 BCE and 220 CE, papier mache was used to make helmets. Now, used for pinatas and bowls, go back to its roots and design and create your own helmet.

5. Origami cranes and other animals are a classic hobby to take part in. Legend says if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, your wish will come true. But did you know that you can fold paper into many other things? Like little boxes, baskets and frames.

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