Looking Inward In the New Year

The New Year is a time for self-reflection. Many people will make New Year’s Resolutions. These resolutions could be changes to health, relationships and employment. The goal is to start off the New Year with a positive mindset and to hopefully have a prosperous year. The root of this positive mindset is self-awareness.

Self-awareness means to know yourself. This includes your traits, behaviors and feelings. Self-awareness answers the questions: why you feel what you feel, and why you behave in a particular way. Researchers estimate that we become self-aware at 18 months of age. This is when we look in the mirror and recognize ourselves staring back. However, there’s more to self-awareness than just recognizing yourself in the mirror. Why is self-awareness important? It gives you confidence and creativity. It allows you to make better decisions. It helps you build stronger relationships. It allows you to communicate better.

Self-awareness is the key to sticking to New Year’s Resolutions and becoming a better you. But how do you know if you’re self-aware? Download this quiz to find out!

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