Love and Friendship

What is Valentine's Day? We all know the traditions, but where did it come from? Here's your chance to merge art, history and language arts into one while celebrating a beloved holiday.


There's lots of opportunities for art projects this holiday season. The most obvious being Valentine's cards. Have students design their own instead of sharing store-bought cards. Find classic imagery of cupids and hearts, or have your students design their own interpretation of love and friendship. Try introducing the term "respect" to this holiday. Love, friendship and respect are all intertwined, and Valentine's Day provides a great opportunity to share this positive viewpoint.

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Although the traditions and meaning of Valentine's Day is known by most, not many may know of its origins or why we celebrate it. This holiday season, try to implement a little bit of history into classroom celebrations. Explore the origins of Valentine's Day. Find out some other customs celebrated throughout the world. See what traditions are new, and which ones didn't stand the test of time. Have students invent their own tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day.

To learn more about Valentine's Day, click on the image for the Special Days lesson plan.

Language Arts

Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to incorporate with language arts. Valentine's Day is all about sharing Valentine's Day cards. And with cards come heartfelt handwritten messages. A great opportunity to practice those writing skills. Have students show their creative side by writing a poem. Encourage proper grammar and spelling while writing Valentine messages in short paragraphs. Have a class project where students come together to write a stage play. The opportunities are endless.

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