Meet Harriet

Hello, and welcome to Classroom Complete Press. My name is Harriet, and I'll be the first voice you'll hear when you call us at CCP. As your main customer representative, I can also be reached directly at our email address.

For over a decade, I've been working closely with customers to make sure they find exactly what they need. My primary role is to ensure that you have the right CCP products for your needs and that you get the material in no time. I am only a quick email or phone call away when you need personalized attention to help build your order with our best sellers and newest titles.

This is our warehouse. You can see we keep a large stock of all our titles on hand so you don't have to wait once you've placed your order. Of course, we also offer all of our titles as instant download PDFs and software, so the wait time after you've placed your order is non-existent.




Let me help you. If you want any suggestions or to know what's included with all of our titles, please ask me. Along with sample PDFs and videos, I can give you all the information on a topic you are looking for. I can even help find the right resource to fit your needs.




Get your resources fast. Delivery is instant with our instant download versions. You can find and get what you need within minutes. If you still prefer to get a physical copy, we ship same day so you get what you need fast. 




Thank you for getting to know me and my role at CCP.

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