New Year, New You - 5 Steps to Iterating and Innovating

It's a new year, and a new chance for students to become new versions of themselves. As teachers, we inspire students to think in a new way. Here are our 5 steps to get students iterating and innovating this new year.

1. Dream
Think of a new method, idea or product. What is yours?

2. Brave
Stick with your Dream idea, even if others don’t like it. What were others saying about your idea? How did you feel?

3. Share
Tell your friends and family about your Dream idea. Get their points of view. What new ideas did you get?

4. Stick to It
This is the hardest part. Keep trying new things to make your Dream Idea better. What is the biggest roadblock you had to overcome?

5. Review
Compare your first Dream Idea to your final idea. What part improved the most?

Download a PDF version of this list in a worksheet format to print and hand out to your students.

Check out our September 24, 2018 blog post for some techniques for inspiring innovation and iteration in the classroom.

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