Spend a Day with an Historical Figure for Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

December 8 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. This day celebrates the fantastical theory of time travel posed throughout history and fiction. Many fictional storytellers have told tales of travelers moving through time, either forwards or backwards. What if we could do what these characters were able to do? What if we were able to travel through time ourselves?

There’s a popular game dealing with time travel. You are posed the following question: If you could have dinner with anyone throughout history, who would it be? Instead of bringing your chosen historical figure into your world, we suggest you go to them. What time period does your chosen figure live? Where in the world are they? What was life like during this time and place?

Now, create a fantasy day to spend with your chosen historical figure. Come up with an itinerary that will allow you to spend a day learning about your figure. What activities would you take part in? Where would you go? Your choices should reflect the time period and place where your figure lives. It should also follow your figure’s interests. Your day should end with a dinner. Create a meal plan for the evening. What will you eat? What will you drink? How many courses will there be? What dinner conversation will you take part in? Come up with a series of questions or topics you would discuss with your chosen historical figure.

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