Staying Positive During a Pandemic Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and even though the coronavirus vaccine is making its way through the population, we’re not completely out of the woods yet. This year, summer should look a little more ‘back to normal’ than the previous year; however, it’s important to remember not everyone is vaccinated yet, and not everyone will be able to enjoy the sunshine, beaches and nice weather the same as those who have been vaccinated. Keeping this in mind, let’s stay positive and kind throughout this season. For National Say Something Nice Day on June 1, we challenge everyone to say one kind thing to one person.

This will be our second summer with COVID-19. Hopefully it won’t be as limiting as what we experienced in 2020. Things we like to enjoy may be in reach, as long as we continue to follow health guidelines. Camping trips may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t simulate the experience at home. Incorporate a family BBQ with a campsite, by roasting marshmallows on the barbeque or fire pit, playing an outdoor movie and telling ghost stories, then falling asleep under the stars or safely tucked away in a tent.

If beaches are open this year in your area, then great! Just remember to keep some distance from other groups. If not, maybe you can simulate the beach experience at home. To start, get that coconut-smelling sunscreen lathered up. You’ll be amazed how the smell of sunscreen will make you think of the beach. Pack a beach-friendly picnic basket and head outside. If you have a pool, then you’re set. If not, set up a sprinkler system or kiddy pool. Make a sand station and fill it with all the tools needed to make a sandcastle.

The benefits of living through one pandemic summer already, and knowing a lot more about the virus than we did last year, means we may not be limited to spending those long sunny days at home. There’s lots of safe distance-friendly experiences we can enjoy this season. Take a nature walk through a local conservation area. Go canoeing with the family. Grab some new seedlings from your local garden center and try growing a new plant in the garden. Invest in a telescope and go stargazing. Try making your own ice cream. Get together with the neighbors and hold your own fireworks show. Make your own sidewalk paint. Go to a local apple orchard and pick your own fruit. Try flying a kite. Collect seashells and rocks by the beach.

If your area is still under quarantine, we have you covered. Read Our Quarantine-Friendly Picks for Summer Independent Learning blog post from June 1, 2020 to get some great ideas to still have fun this summer.

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