Strategies to Solving a Problem

One very important life skill to have is the ability to solve problems. Problems occur in many ways. They can be simple, like a burnt out light bulb. Or, they can be more complicated, like not having enough money to buy groceries one week. Being able to solve these problems is a valuable skill to have when living on your own. It all starts with the approach. Here are 5 strategies to help solve a problem.

1. Write down the problem. Write down what the problem is. Mention what you would like to change about this problem.
2. List possible solutions. Make a list of all the solutions you can think of. This may take some time. You can choose to brainstorm ideas with others.
3. Evaluate solutions. Look at all your solutions. Cross-off ones that you know won’t work.
4. Pick a solution. Pick one of the solutions that makes the most sense.
5. Result and change. How did your solution work? Is your problem fixed? If not, then pick a new solution from your list and try again.

Use this Problem Solving Graphic Organizer from our Daily Social & Workplace Skills resource to help complete the 5 strategies above. Keep it as a reference to help solve any problem that may come up in the future.

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