Take the Quiz: Are you a Dynamic Person?

What is a dynamic person? It’s someone who embodies specific traits that set them apart from everyone else. There are many traits that are associated with a dynamic person. Below is a list of just 8 of them.

Adapt – Able and willing to change.
Problem Solve – Able to find fixes to things.
Outgoing – Likes to meet with new people.
Friendly – Happy and nice to others.
Confident – Being sure of yourself.
Appreciate – Having respect for others.
Consider – Thinking of others.
Understand – Knowing about what’s happening.

Why would someone want to be dynamic? There may be a situation where you are up for a promotion at work. However, there may be dozens of other colleagues who are also being considered. You will want to stand out from them in order to get the job. Having a dynamic personality helps you stand out in a crowd. People will like you and remember who you are. So, how do you know if you’re dynamic? Take the quiz below.

Read questions 1-10. Answer TRUE or FALSE as it applies to you.
TRUE / FALSE 1. When you meet a new person, you can connect with them easily.
TRUE / FALSE 2. You are good at talking with others.
TRUE / FALSE 3. You are not afraid of being rejected.
TRUE / FALSE 4. People want to relate and listen to you.
TRUE / FALSE 5. You have energy and enthusiasm.
TRUE / FALSE 6. People can always approach you.
TRUE / FALSE 7. You are confident and independent.
TRUE / FALSE 8. You love a new challenge.
TRUE / FALSE 9. You are a natural leader.
TRUE / FALSE 10. You are social and like to be around people.

Count how many times you circled TRUE. Count how many times you circled FALSE. Record your numbers. If you circled mostly TRUE, you are more of a dynamic person. If you circled mostly FALSE, then you have a more static personality. If you want to change from a static personality to a dynamic one, consider the list of 8 dynamic traits above. Can you improve on any of these? Download a free printable version of this quiz here.

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