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This FREE bonus resource includes extension activity worksheets from our The Higher Power of Lucky Gr. 5-6 Novel Study Guide title.

Enjoy 6 BONUS worksheets from our The Higher Power of Lucky Gr. 5-6 Novel Study Guide. These worksheets can be used on their own, or paired with the individual resources as extension activities at the completion of the unit. And the best part is, it's FREE.

About these BONUS Worksheets:

Written to Bloom's Taxonomy, these worksheets are aligned to your State Standards. Each concept features practice worksheets and comprehension activities to ensure your students are engaged and fully understand the novel.

About the full resource, The Higher Power of Lucky Gr. 5-6:

Run off with Lucky and experience a series of misadventures, all while searching for a place to belong.æThe chapter comprehension questions are easy for students to understand. Answer multiple choice questions about the town that Lucky lives in. Students determine how Lucky felt toward Lincoln, and defend their opinion with proof from the text. Research the "chukar" bird and find some interesting facts about it. Describe the dust storm event from the point of view of Brigitte or Miles' grandmother. In pairs, students investigate a topic from the novel and interview each other about that topic. On a Cluster Word Web, students write details about their chosen topic.

All of our content meets your State Standards and are written to Bloom's Taxonomy.

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Julie Johnson

This is such a fun novel to teach when students need to learn about coping with loss and death. Thank-you for providing this novel packet of fun and meaningful activities - lots to choose from.

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