Life Skills Classroom Set

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Our Life Skills Classroom Set for grades 6-12 with a simplified reading level of grade 3-6, is designed as an ENTIRE YEAR'S LIFE SKILLS CURRICULUM in one set.

Includes 3 different versions of each lesson plan, so teacher’s can target their students’ specific needs:
Printed Perfect-bound Book (to reproduce for classroom setting)
eBook in PDF format (for classroom or digital learning)
Google Slide (for distance learning with Google Classroom)

Complete with HANDS-ON activities, ENGAGING scenarios and COMPREHENSION questions that align to your State Standards, and written to Bloom's Taxonomy. The activities in this set can be used for whole-group, small group, or individual work. NO PREP necessary! Each resource, regardless of format, adheres to a lower reading level so that all students may benefit from our structured format that includes a Before You Read section to highlight important vocabulary words, a Reading Passage section to provide the necessary information, and an After You Read section to test comprehension.

This individual classroom license provides teachers with 1 set of the printed books (free shipping), as well as single user licenses for the eBook – PDF versions and the Google Slide versions.

This SET includes 3,241 pages/screens, in print and digital format, and will provide you with an ENTIRE YEAR of Life Skills lesson plans. A $538.20 value for only $199.95.

Included in this SET are:

Daily Marketplace Skills Gr. 6-12
Daily Social & Workplace Skills Gr. 6-12
Daily Health & Hygiene Skills Gr. 6-12
Practical Life Skills - Independent Living Gr. 9-12
Practical Life Skills - Managing Money Gr. 9-12
Practical Life Skills - Employment & Volunteering Gr. 9-12
Real World Life Skills - Social Skills Gr. 6-12
Real World Life Skills - Self-Sustainability Skills Gr. 6-12
Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills Gr. 6-12
Applying Life Skills – Your Personal Development Gr. 6-12
Applying Life Skills – Your Personal Relationships Gr. 6-12
Applying Life Skills – Your Personal Life Plan Gr. 6-12

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