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  • eBook Order #: CCP1103
  • Print Book Order #: CC1103
  • ISBN13: 978-1-55319-395-1
  • Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Reading Level: 3-4
  • Total Pages: 170
  • Author: Brenda Rollins

Help your students master the art of writing with our Writing Skills 3-book BUNDLE.

Start off with a beginner's look at writing a Paragraph. Use paragraph prompts to help get the juices flowing before moving on to the drafting phase. Make Book Reports fun again with the help of engaging graphic organizers. Follow our checklist to a great oral book report and no longer fear public speaking. Then, explore the different kinds of Essays and how to master them. Tell the story with descriptive and narrative essays, or give your point of view with persuasive essays. Practice what you've learned while successfully revising, proofing and editing your work. Each concept is paired with hands-on graphic organizers and comprehension activities. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, reproducible writing tasks, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included.

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