Babe: The Gallant Pig (Novel Study Guide)

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-55319-324-1
  • Grades: 3, 4
  • Reading Level: 3-4
  • Total Pages: 55
  • Author: Nat Reed

  • Anyone can overcome their destiny in this story of a pig who saves himself from the table.

    Great discussion questions engage students to think deeper about the text. Students explore the concept of prejudice and give an example of this from their own experiences. Write sentences using the vocabulary words from the story. Identify statements about Babe herding ducks as true or false. Brainstorm reasons why Farmer Hogget never named his pig. Conduct an interview with Babe for the London Times. Create a trading card for one of the characters in the book. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, our worksheets incorporate a variety of scaffolding strategies along with additional crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key.

    About the Novel:
    Everyone is astonished when sheep farmer Hogget brings home a pig from the county fair. Shortly after his arrival, the piglet is adopted by the sheepdog. Destined for the oven, Babe changes that destiny by becoming skilled at the process of sheep-herding. Babe is taken to the Sheepdog Trials, where he astonishes the judges and spectators by excelling at herding the sheep. Babe: The Gallant Pig is a charming story with an unforgettable cast of characters. A number of positive themes run throughout the novel including the dangers of prejudice and stereotyping, leadership styles, and the positive results that can come through hard work, perseverance and courage. Set in rural America, other themes are those of farm life, sheep, sheepdogs, pigs and sheepdog trials.

    Customer Reviews

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    Carol Wyatt

    We love using this package. We all worked in small teams and took turns reading the book aloud too. Some students would use an overhead projector and guide the questions and write answer for others to record after discussion. . It is a hit and students did it every morning. Now moved on to King-Smith's other book The Water Horse. Engagement brings confidence.

    Carol Ruiz.

    This was very complete and covered literature, reading foundations, and writing standards. The materials were easy to use with a virtual notebook.

    Carolyn Scott


    Errica Crome

    I love that i don't have to think up the comprehension questions for each chapter! I have started it with my mixed age ELL group and so far so good. It's great to have several choices of activities for each chapter rather than doing the same thing every day. Great, thoughtful resource.

    Bec Spencer

    Great - very helpful. Thank you.

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