Simple Machines: Wheel and Axles and Pulleys

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**This is the chapter slice "Wheel and Axles and Pulleys" from the full lesson plan "Simple Machines"**

Just how simple are simple machines? With our ready-to-use resource, they are simple to teach and easy to learn! Chocked full of information and activities, we begin with a look at force, motion and work, and examples of simple machines in daily life are given. With this background, we move on to different kinds of simple machines including: Levers, Inclined Planes, Wedges, Screws, Pulleys, and Wheels and Axles. An exploration of some compound machines follows, such as the can opener. Our resource is a real time-saver as all the reading passages, student activities are provided. Presented in simplified language and vocabulary that will give your students a kick start on learning. Includes color mini posters, hands-on activities, Crossword, Word Search and Final Quiz. All of our content meets the Common Core State Standards and are written to Bloom's Taxonomy and STEM initiatives.

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