Prevention, Recycling & Conservation: Reuse Contest - WORKSHEET





This FREE worksheet includes 1 page from our Prevention, Recycling & Conservation Gr. 5-8 title.

This worksheet encourages students to hold a contest at their school to find the most useful and creative ways to reuse everyday items. This worksheet can be used on its own, or paired with the individual resource. And the best part is, it's FREE.

About the full resource, Prevention, Recycling & Conservation:

Discover prevention methods for waste and pollution while conserving the environment. Our resource provides easy to understand initiatives so students can start helping the planet Earth. Get familiar with Earth's natural resources and what you can do to help conserve them. Hold a contest to find the most useful and creative ways to reuse everyday items. Conduct an audit of each classroom in your school to see if things that should be recycled are getting recycled. Get down and dirty by building a classroom compost. Learn where the water in your sink goes and whether or not it's safe to drink. Write a report about greenhouse gases, using information collected from the Internet. Finally, learn all about alternative fuels as you create your own green business guide. Written to Bloom's Taxonomy and STEAM initiatives, additional hands-on activities, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included.

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