Waste: The Global View

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  • eBook Order #: CCP5766
  • Print Book Order #: CC5766
  • Both eBook & Print Book Order #: CC+P5766
  • ISBN13: 978-1-55319-305-0
  • Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Reading Level: 3-4
  • Total Pages: 60
  • Author: Erika Gasper

  • Highlights:

    • Agricultural Waste
    • Waste from Mining
    • Oil Spills
    • Radioactive Waste
    • Waste from Natural Disasters
    • Space Junk
    • The Costs of Waste

    Empower your students to help manage all types of waste across the globe.

    Our resource explores waste all around the world caused by natural and man-made disasters. Put on a fair to showcase different products that can be made from unused plant parts on farms. Research different clean-up operations of old mines across the country. Learn the hard truth about oil spills with a case study on Exxon Valdez. Conduct a class debate to discuss the advantages and disadvantages to nuclear energy. Find out that not all waste is caused by humans. Recognize the dangers of waste produced by natural disasters. Make a model to demonstrate the devastating effects that space junk can have. Get a sense of what waste costs by evaluating the bio-economical costs of resources used in your home or school. Create a plan to help your school become a zero waste community. Written to Bloom's Taxonomy and STEAM initiatives, additional hands-on activities, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included.

    Customer Reviews

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    Michelle Walerysiak

    Great product! Very helpful as a supplement to my VFS unit.


    My kiddos loved learning about "junk" in outer space! Thank you!


    Thanks! Great help with oil spill posters students completed in groups!

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