Daily Social & Workplace Skills: Making Appointments & Filling Out Forms Gr. 6-12

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**This is the chapter slice "Making Appointments & Filling Out Forms Gr. 6-12" from the full lesson plan "Daily Social & Workplace Skills"**

Discover the key elements of behavior in the workplace with our engaging resource on daily social and workplace skills. Start off with an understanding of time management. Take this understanding one step further by planning your daily routines. Then, move on to making appointments and filling out forms. Finally, look at texting, email and telephone manners. Extend this with best behaviors in the workplace, volunteering, and social media. Comprised of reading passages, graphic organizers, real-world activities, crossword, word search and comprehension quiz, our resource combines high interest concepts with low vocabulary to ensure all learners comprehend the essential skills required in life. All of our content is aligned to your State Standards and are written to Bloom's Taxonomy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kristy Besson

Used this with my Technical Writing class. It was very easy to use and kid friendly. My students enjoyed it, because it was easy for them to do.

Sheila May

This is a great resource- just a little to difficult for my students.

Dale White

My students loved this! Great resource. I loved the graphics, and so did the kids. They like when we do assignments that involve the holidays!

The BEE Transition Teacher

Great Resource

Emily Bethe

Helped in our unit of daily living skills and practical ideas.

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