Learning Communication & Teamwork: Building Networks & Branding Gr. 3-8+

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**This is the chapter slice "Building Networks & Branding Gr. 3-8+" from the full lesson plan "Learning Communication & Teamwork"**

Teamwork & effective communication are the essential skills required to find and keep the right jobs. We include practical real-life activities, role-playing scenarios and open-ended strategies to help the next generation become successful leaders and communicators. Learn essential skills on how to communicate with your peers and supervisors. Work together in project-based exercises while using technology and media to better learn how to network and collaborate. Use creative arts projects to learn what it means to be a leader. Then, practice with our role-playing scenarios while you effectively debate and argue your position. Chocked full of standalone reproducible worksheets to give young learners of today all the tools they need to become effective communicators and team players.

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