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**This is the Google Slides version of the full lesson plan BUNDLE Human Body Big Book. This bundle includes all 24 chapters along with bonus extension activities in the form of hands-on activities, crossword, word search and comprehension quiz.**

Take your students through a fascinating journey of the Human Body with our 3-book BUNDLE. Start your journey with Cells, Skeletal & Muscular Systems. Build your own cell by sculpting the different parts. Invent your own alien skeleton using the different bones found in the human body. Next, visit your Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems. Learn how the brain interprets things we see with our eyes. Conduct an experiment to see just how much air your lungs can hold. Finally, end your journey with the Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems. Examine your own heartbeat as you learn how to take your pulse. Build a model of a kidney to see it working in action. Each concept is paired with hands-on activities and experiments.

All of our content is reproducible and aligned to your State Standards and are written to Bloom's Taxonomy.


This resource is for Google Slides use. Google Slides is free with a Google email account. We recommend having Google Classroom in addition to Google Slides to optimize use of this resource. This will allow you to easily give assignments to students with a click of a button. This resource is comprised of interactive slides for students to complete activities right on their device. It is ideal for distance learning, as teachers can share the resource remotely with their students, have them complete it and return, where the teacher can then mark it from any location.

What You Get:

• 24 complete Chapter Google™ Slides presentations with reading passages, comprehension questions and drag and drop activities that students can edit and send back to the teacher.
• 3 bonus Google™ Slides presentation with hands-on activities, crossword, word search and comprehension quiz.
• A start-up manual, including a Teacher Guide on how to use Google Slides for your classroom, and an Answer Key to go along with the activities in the Google Slides document.

Chapters Included in this Bundle:

From Cells, Skeletal & Muscular Systems:
- Cells – The Building Blocks of Life
- Cell Structures & Functions
- Cells, Tissues, Organs & Systems
- What Are Organs & Organ Systems?
- The Skeletal System – Bones
- The Skeletal System – Joints & Cartilage
- The Muscular System – Muscles
- The Muscular System – Movement
- Extension Activities: Hands-on Activities, Crossword, Word Search and Comprehension Quiz

From Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems:
- The Nervous System – Brain
- The Nervous System – Spinal Cord and Nerves
- The Sense of Sight
- The Sense of Hearing
- The Sense of Touch
- The Senses of Taste and Smell
- The Respiratory System
- The Respiratory System – Lungs
- Extension Activities: Hands-on Activities, Crossword, Word Search and Comprehension Quiz

From Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems:
- The Circulatory System – Blood Vessels
- The Circulatory System – Heart
- The Circulatory System – Blood
- The Digestive System – Mouth to Stomach
- The Digestive System – From Stomach to Fuel
- The Excretory System – Skin, Liver & Lungs
- The Excretory System – Kidneys & Large Intestine
- The Reproductive System
- Extension Activities: Hands-on Activities, Crossword, Word Search and Comprehension Quiz

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