Guided Word Building: Systematic, Sequential Phonics Lessons


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Guided Word Building is a systematic, sequential guide to hands-on phonics. The 82 lessons introduce phonics patterns one-by-one and then contrast each new phonics pattern with other similar patterns. Phonemic awareness skills are part of the word building because children must listen for differences in words and build new words from previously built words. Children enjoy the hands-on word building, and they tend to learn the concepts quickly and easily retain their understandings of how letters go together to make words.

Everything you need is included in this jumbo 286-page resource! 82 lessons complete with pre-assessments to determine if the student is ready to move ahead, reproducible letter tiles and word mats for hands-on word building, reproducible word journals to record words for each phonics pattern plus 30 phonics readers aligned to specific phonics patterns that can be printed in large or small format (to save paper) for assessment.

Guided Word Building has been specifically designed as a comprehensive approach to phonics instruction manageable for all students in a regular classroom. It can also be easily used with a small group of students or individuals.

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