Math Practice Simplified: Tables & Graphs (Book J)


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Strong math skills are essential to success in school and life. Math Practice Simplified - Tables & Graphs contains high-interest, realistic activities that help students understand the importance of reading and interpreting information from tables, charts, and graphs. In this eBook, students practice reading a variety of tables and graphs, in addition to constructing their own tables and graphs from a set of data, which they use to solve problems. As graphs and tables are often used in conjunction with statistics, this eBook includes lessons on mean, median, mode, and range. To interpret large amounts of statistical data at a glance, students become familiar with reading and making scattergrams, stem and leaf plots, line plots, box plots, histograms, and frequency polygons. Students using Math Practice Simplified—Tables & Graphs have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for mathematics, increase self-esteem upon successful completion, and improve performance on standardized tests. Exercises are presented in student friendly layouts with few distractions to interfere with concentration. Answers are provided at the back of the book.

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