War of 1812


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  • eBook Order #: RHP6122
  • Print Book Order #: RH6122
  • Both eBook & Print Book Order #: RH+P6122
  • ISBN13: 978-1-55319-068-4
  • Grades: 7, 8, 9
  • Reading Level: 7-9
  • Total Pages: 59
  • Author: Doug Sylvester

  • Highlights:

    • Causes of the War
    • Recruiting Poster
    • Battle of Queenston Heights
    • Muskets & Cannons
    • Write a Peace Treaty
    • Laura Secord
    • Tecumseh’s Speech

    The War Of 1812 provides a backdrop for some of the most interesting people and events in the history of Canada.

    Causes of the war, major events and the impact of the war on the development of Canada are examined. As well, captivating personalities such as Tecumseh, Laura Secord and General Isaac Brock are studied. This unit is divided into three parts, combining optional lessons and a pictorial history suitable for colouring with the main, information-based body of the unit. At long last, here is a teacher-friendly unit written from the Canadian perspective and designed for Canadian students. This History lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of reading passages, activities, crossword, word search and answer key to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

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