Art A La Carte: First Nations

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  • eBook Order #: RHP9106
  • Print Book Order #: RH9106
  • Both eBook & Print Book Order #: RH+P9106
  • ISBN13: 978-1-55319-024-0
  • Grades: 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Reading Level: 4-7
  • Total Pages: 90
  • Author: Vanessa Isitt

  • Highlights:

    • Hieroglyphic Mandella
    • Petroglyph
    • First Nations Loon
    • Zuni Turtle
    • Navajo Kachina
    • Inuit Owl
    • Haida Shapes

    This creative unit introduces the arts of First Nations peoples from North America, Asia, Egypt and Australia.

    These step-by-step, guided art lessons impart the basic styles and shapes used by each culture as well as exploring the special use of color, particular to each culture. One preferred strategy is for the teacher to demonstrate the steps with students following along creating a "rough draft". This allows students to make mistakes and practice the various techniques resulting in a better final product. Although each lesson stands on its own, it is better to teach them in order, as the techniques being explored become progressively more difficult. This Art lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of step-by-step student projects and evaluation to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

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