Let's Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter: Everyday Measurements - WORKSHEET




This FREE worksheet includes a single page from our Lets Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter title.

This Length Worksheet asks students to estimate the measurements using everyday objects. This worksheet can be used on its own, or paired with the individual resource. And the best part is, it's FREE.

About the full resource, Lets Measure Up: Length, Time, Perimeter:

Make measuring of Length, Time and Perimeter a breeze with our activities that are designed to be used for the whole class or small group centers and can be used as extension activities or independent tasks. Some activities include: Meter Madness, Around the Room, Snake Olympics, Mini Measuring, Time Dominos and a one minute test. Each of the 20 activities and 20 timed drill sheets has simple instructions that will allow each student to work independently and complete the task in a typical single class period. Required are simple Math materials such as blocks, rulers and centimetre cubes that can be found in most classrooms. This Math lesson provides a variety of worksheets creating a well-rounded lesson plan.

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