Canadian Governments and Elections: Optional Lessons 1-3 - WORKSHEET




This FREE worksheet includes a single page from our Canadian Governments & Elections title.

This optional Enrichment Activity provides teachers with additional resources to further engage their students in the lesson. This worksheet can be used on its own, or paired with the individual resource. And the best part is, it's FREE.

About the full resource, Canadian Governments & Elections:

Our unit takes the mundane and makes it marvellous. Students learn more about government in Canada that the average parent does in a lifetime. An information-based section focuses on important concepts pertaining to government in Canada, and includes related assignments that build a foundation for student knowledge. This is followed by optional lessons that add flexibility to the unit. Finally, our unit is completed with a trio of major projects „ Election Campaign Manager, Test For Parents, and Prime Minister Report. With our unit, teachers and students are guaranteed to find a "chicken in every pot"! This Canada lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of reading passages, activities, crossword, word search and answer key to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

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