Easter Egg Art Coloring - WORKSHEETS




These FREE worksheets include 2 pages from our Interactive Big Books and Folkfest: Folktales From Around the World titles.

These worksheets provide primary and elementary-level Easter egg art for coloring. These worksheets can be used on their own, or paired with the individual resource. And the best part is, it's FREE.

About the full resource, Interactive Big Books:

Our resource is for the make-and-take lover, and for all students who like to participate in their own learning. Interactive Big Books allows students to manipulate the stories as they please. Rather than cutting and pasting the images, students have the freedom to move the pictures as they please. To make the big books and flannelboard story included in this lesson, you will need 2-ply Bristol board, scissors, glue 9 x 12" Kraft envelopes, wax crayons, and markers. Stories included in our resource are "The Big Pysanka", "One, Two", "Ice-Cream Cones", and "Share the Shapes". This Big Books lesson provides a teacher and student section with flannelboard story, clip art, and big book assembly to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

About the full resource, Folkfest: Folktales From Around the World:

In this festival of fun, students travel to many far away lands immersing themselves in the fabulous, fantastic world of folktales. The lesson starts off with a teacher-centered approach focusing on the general characteristics of folktales and some of the many ñgenreî including legends, riddles and the trickster stories. Creative writing activities form the bulk of assignments in this section. Optional activities are included to build flexibility into the lesson. A final project involves the creation of a ñFolktale Bookletî, while a selection of well-loved tall tales is included in conjunction with the unit to supplement the lesson plan. This Folktales lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of reading passages, creative writing activities, crossword, word search and answer key to create a well-rounded lesson plan.

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