5 Top Tips to Making the Most of Read a New Book Month

September is Read a New Book Month. A time for new beginnings in the classroom, whether in-person or online. Pair this new beginning with a new book. It could be a new release, or an old classic never read before. Or maybe try a book from subject never explored, like a non-fiction, or historical drama, or even a graphic novel. This month serves as a great excuse to encourage all readers to pick up something they might not have tried before. An opportunity to expand one’s mind and explore new possibilities. Here are our top tips to making the most of Read a New Book Month:

1. Choose a book that fits within your reading level. Try to avoid books that are too easy or too hard to read. If you want to challenge yourself, maybe pick a reading level just above your own; but don’t stray too far.
2. Pick a book from the best seller list that you normally wouldn’t choose. This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and potentially learn something new. You may even open the door to a new genre of books to explore. Plus, being on the best seller list virtually guarantees that it will be well-written.
3. Search online for book recommendations based on stories you’ve already read and enjoyed. You may find a new story from a genre you are already familiar with.
4. Read the favorite book of someone in your class. Make sure it’s one you haven’t read yet yourself. Similarly, share your favorite book with someone. Then, come together and discuss what you both thought of it.
5. Pair your reading with open-ended reading response forms to maximize comprehension. We have a variety of these forms available for FREE at our website.

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