Back-to-School: Back to the Classroom or Virtual Learning?

It’s that time of year again. Back-to-School season is upon us! With COVID-19 still raging in some places, classrooms this year will once again be either virtual, or in-person with social and physical distancing measures in place. With teachers continuing to adapt to different teaching styles in order to maintain safety in the classroom, we are striving to adapt with them. Our wide range of lesson plan formats are guaranteed to meet teachers’ needs whether in-class or virtual learning.


Our Print Book format is geared towards teachers who prefer the traditional method of having a physical copy of a resource that they can reproduce using the format that best fits their needs, whether that be using a photocopier, scanner or simply providing the students with the master copy. Read our blog post HOW-TO: A Look at our Print Book Lesson Plans to learn more.


Our eBook format is geared towards teachers who need content fast. Teachers can download our content, print or share directly with their students, and start teaching within minutes. Read our blog post HOW-TO: A Look at our eBook Lesson Plans to learn more.


Our Google Slide format is geared towards teachers who utilize a virtual classroom. Our Google Slide resources are comprised of interactive slides for students to complete activities anywhere on their own device. Ideal for distance learning, teachers can share the resource remotely with their students, have them complete the work and return for teacher marking. Read our blog post HOW-TO: A Look at our Google Slide Lesson Plans to learn more.


Our Accessible Audio Book format contains a variety of features designed to be more accessible for those with visual impairments, learning disabilities or physical disabilities that impede the ability to manipulate content in some way. The content is formatted in small chunks and presented in a logical reading order, making each lesson straightforward and easy to follow. Learners can enlarge or reduce text size, and click to activate the embedded text to speech function. Clear visible contrasting images and text for clear visibility help describe further information. Read our blog post HOW-TO: A Look at our Accessible Audio Book Lesson Plans to learn more.

Take a look back at our blog post on Getting Ready for Back-to-School During COVID-19 to get helpful posters, tips and guidelines for managing either a virtual learning model or a blended learning model. Read the blog post here.

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