A Festivus for the Rest of the World

December is a time of celebration. This festive month has many big celebrations and festivals for different cultures and customs. With a global pandemic still in effect, this year is the perfect time to examine how the world celebrates in the month of December. We challenge teachers and parents to encourage students to choose a holiday in December that is celebrated from somewhere around the globe. Here are a couple examples (please note, some of these holidays are also celebrated in other parts of the world not mentioned):

Christmas – Worldwide
Hanukkah/Chanukah – Israel
Santa Lucia – Scandinavia and Italy
Yule/Yuletide – Germany
Krampusnacht – Germany
Kwanzaa – Worldwide
Omisoka – Japan
Bodhi Day – Japan
Las Posadas – Mexico and Guatemala
Yalda – Iran

Choose one of the December holidays listed above, or choose one not listed. Research how it is celebrated and why it's important to that culture. Hold a class celebration fair where each holiday is presented for students to "visit" and learn from. If learning remotely, hold a virtual fair online. Denote the similarities to their own traditions. With a global pandemic bringing the world together in a negative way, let’s spend this festive month celebrating something a little more uplifting.

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