On the Origin of Animal Adaptations

A creature’s existence today is a direct result to its ability to adapt. Being able to change along with a changing environment means a creature can prosper and continue populating the earth with its kind. All creatures living on planet earth, including humans, have changed over time. This process taking thousands of years known as natural selection, states that certain species thrive in their environment by passing along ideal survival traits to their offspring, thus changing them slowly over time

Get Your Coupons Here… Physical Adaptations for a Low Price!

We know that animals do not develop their physical adaptations in a short period of time. Rather, their physical adaptations develop over many generations. For this activity however, we will pretend that animals will be able to buy their own physical adaptation. Yes, you will definitely need to use your imagination for this activity!

Gather information about 1 animal and its physical adaptations. You will use this information and design a coupon that you would see in a magazine or a newspaper. What is a coupon? It is a voucher that gives somebody a discount on something. Your coupon will not sell food or clothing. Instead, it will sell physical adaptations to animals. Include the following information on your coupon:

  • A picture of the animal (either a drawing or a magazine clip).
  • A slogan (The slogan should “sell” the adaptation. It should convince the animal who is going shopping that it should buy this physical adaptation! It should answer the question: How does this adaptation help with survival?).
  • A price (how much is this physical adaptation going to cost the animal?).
  • Information about the animal and what purpose this physical adaptation serves.

Stretch your imagination and be as creative as possible!

How Important Are Thumbs?

One of the most influential adaptations, especially for humans, is the thumb. For this activity, students will find a newfound appreciation for the one thing we probably take the most for granted. Download the experiment here to discover just how important the thumb is.

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