A Refresher Course on the Virtual Classroom

September 15 is National Online Learning Day. Now more than ever, the importance of classrooms going virtual is overwhelming. Teachers, parents and students are forced to adapt to a new learning experience. In the recent months, we’ve put out a series of blog posts to help with this transition. With all these resources, our hope is to help teachers and parents navigate the transition from traditional classroom teaching to virtual classroom learning. This week, we look back at our most recent post, where we provide strategies for implementing a Blended Learning Model with schools re-opening around the country.

Getting Ready for Back-to-School During COVID-19

This blog post highlights the two different learning models that most schools across the country are adopting: a Virtual Learning Only Model, and a Blended Learning Model. We break down the pros and cons of each, as well as strategies for teachers and parents to navigate each model. Also included are helpful posters and checklists for those schools that are re-opening in hopes to maintain a healthy and safe environment. We touch on issues some households may have with online learning and provide a few strategies to navigate them, such as what to do when a household doesn’t have a reliable Internet connection. Read about the benefits and detriments of online learning with our blog post here.

The need for online learning has grown this year and access to content that can be utilized virtually is a commodity that is in high demand. A great place to start is with our complete collection of free worksheets, lessons and activity pages made available from our FREE CONTENT page. We update this page regularly, so remember to bookmark it and visit frequently for access to new and noteworthy content.

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