Strategies and Tools to Help Get Started with Virtual Learning

September 15 is National Online Learning Day. We continue our breakdown of getting teachers, parents and students ready to adapt to the virtual classroom. In the recent months, we’ve put out a series of blog posts to help with this transition, from utilizing CCP products to teach online, to getting your virtual classroom ready with the help of Google Classroom. With all these resources, our hope is to help teachers and parents in the transition from traditional classroom teaching to virtual classroom learning.

How Technology Can Be Used to Improve Learning: Getting Started with Google Classroom

With COVID-19 forcing many classrooms to go virtual, technology has become an important resource for teachers, parents and students. One of the most widely adopted resources has been Google Classroom. But what exactly is it, and how do we use it? Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that teachers can create and utilize with their students. With many features available, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate in the short time available. In this blog post, we’ve created a guide to help teachers get started with their virtual Google Classroom today. Complete with an explanation of what is Google Classroom and how teachers can utilize it, we also provide a playlist of great video tutorials on how to set up a classroom as well as some teacher tips. Get started with our dedicated blog post here.

Simple Steps to Teach Online Using CCP Products

For years, the CCP team have been developing content that can be used in a variety of ways. Most recently, we have developed interactive digital content that engages and challenges students in unique ways. With many classrooms moving to the online world, content that is not only easy to use, but also accessible to students is necessary. Our subscription-based streaming platform allows teachers, parents and students to access our collection of ready-made digital lesson plans from the comfort of their home. No installation required, only a computer and internet access. Teachers can use the platform to assign work, send messages, and monitor student activity. Students can access assigned work and get real-time assessment without the need of a paper and pen. Everything is contained within the program and can be completed at their leisure. To learn how to get started, read our blog post found here.

The need for online learning has grown this year and access to content that can be utilized virtually is a commodity that is in high demand. A great place to start is with our complete collection of free worksheets, lessons and activity pages made available from our FREE CONTENT page. We update this page regularly, so remember to bookmark it and visit frequently for access to new and noteworthy content.

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