Our Approach to Core Subjects: SPANISH LANGUAGE

Did you know that we develop Spanish Language versions of our most popular titles? These include our ground-breaking Life Skills series, as well as our highly sought-after Novel Study Guides (Literature Kits). These titles are designed for use by students whose first language is Spanish, or for those who wish to learn Spanish as a second language. For the latter, it is ideal to use these resources in combination with the English Language versions.

The Bilingual Child

The number of bilingual children in the United States continues to rise. In 2016, 22% of children spoke more than one language. This rate has risen 2% in the last decade. About 13.5% of the total population of the United States speak Spanish at home. This equates to about 41 million citizens. In the world, this number rises to 420 million. The need for high-quality ready-made Spanish Language educational resources is prevalent. We’ve decided to meet this need head on, starting with our best-selling Life Skills and Novel Study Guide (Literature Kit) series.


As with the English Language equivalent, our Spanish Language resources are aligned to State standards. With our Novel Study Guides (Literature Kits), we follow the Bloom’s Taxonomy for Reading Comprehension, as well as align to the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts. To learn more on how our Novel Study Guides (Literature Kits) align to these standards, please read up on our NOVEL STUDY GUIDES blog post.

Our Life Skills series is part of the Social Studies curriculum, and as such, follows our highly-developed format for reading comprehension. Each resource strictly aligns to the following teaching pedagogy:

  • A Before You Read section that introduces the concept with open-ended questions and key vocabulary terms that will be used in the reading.
  • A Reading Passage that provides the relevant information in easy-to-learn ways, along with real-world scenarios to help cement the concepts being presented.
  • An After You Read section that tests student comprehension on what they have just learned. Questions range from true or false, multiple choice, sequencing, matching, short answer, and graphic organizer activity.
  • Extension Activities comprised of hands-on activities, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz, and color mini posters.

  • Get started with our Spanish Language titles by previewing some FREE sample activities taken from our ready-made lesson plans available at our FREE CONTENT page. We update this page regularly, so remember to bookmark it and visit frequently for access to new and noteworthy content.

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