Breaking Down Life Skills Studies for World Youth Skills Day

July 15 is World Youth Skills Day. The 2023 theme is: Skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future. The goal of this year’s theme is to highlight the essential role educators play in providing skills for youth to become successful in their communities. Teachers and parents bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood for all students. It’s up to them to ensure students are informed about living in the real world as successful and productive adults. We offer a wide range of life skills titles that help teachers engage student in real-world living, from the basics to more advanced concepts.

The Basics: Daily Life Skills
Our in-depth study provides the basics in life skills. A good introduction, students will be introduced to common and key concepts that help ease them into a wider study of life skills. To start, students dip their toe into understanding finances by first learning how to best spend their money. They will do this by first learning how to budget. Utilize this free worksheet to help students create their own budget. Next, students go into the workplace and learn how to behave in a social environment. Key tips on communicating with peers are learned. Finally, students go back into the home and learn key strategies about health and hygiene. From simplified steps to proper hand washing, to coming up with ways to stay healthy and fit. Download this free hands-on activity to guide students in making their own fitness plan.

The Application: Practical Life Skills
Our in-depth study elaborates on the basics in life skills in the following key areas: living independently, managing money, and the workplace. Students get tips on how to find a place to live and fill out a rental lease. They get help on traveling around town and utilizing community resources. With a clear understanding of budgeting, students get practical knowledge on saving and investing their money, as well as managing their credit. Use this free worksheet to create a five-year savings plan. Moving into the workplace, students get strategies on preparing a resume and knowing their rights as an employee. Follow this free mind map to be prepared with common interview questions.

The Growth: Real World Life Skills
Our in-depth study builds upon the practical application of life skills and how to utilize these skills in the real world. First, students gain the confidence to successfully interact with the world. Strategies on proper etiquette will ensure students will be successful in fostering relationships and collaborating with others. Students become an advocate for themselves and others with this free self-reliance worksheet that promotes independence and responsibilities. Next, students get tips on stress management and maintaining their mental and physical health. Download this free graphic organizer to track student mental health. Finally, extend students’ financial literacy with an examination on assets and managing debt. Get help with a car loan and house mortgage.

The Road Map: Applying Life Skills
Our in-depth study focuses inward to create well-rounded individuals. Students gain the capacity to know themselves and others with social intelligence skills. Learn key techniques to be a successful active listener, like maintaining eye contact and not interrupting. Take this free quiz to find out how self-aware your students are. Establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with individuals and groups. Get helpful coping skills when dealing with stress. Download this free worksheet to get insight into how to use affirmations to self-motivate. Become empowered with tools needed to develop a life plan. Students follow the steps to create their own roadmap in order to meet their personal goals.

Learn more about our Life Skills content here. Visit the blog post on Our Approach to Core Subjects: SOCIAL STUDIES to learn how our ready-made lesson plans are broken down.

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