Finding Freshwater for National Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month. Clean water is so important. We need it to live. Clean freshwater is what most life on Earth drinks to stay alive. Although we have a lot of water on Earth, only 2.5% of that water is freshwater. That’s not a lot. Therefore, it’s important to keep that small amount clean and of high quality. National Water Quality Month is a time to reflect on how much of our lives depend on access to clean water. Without it, there would be no more safe swimming; no more drinking from fountains or the tap; no more long showers.

Our ready-made lesson plan on Earth & Space Science brings the focus on the importance of water, both globally and nationally. A popular request for more younger grade science lessons led us to develop a STEAM-based series for grades 1 to 5, with a reading level of grade 3. The STEAM standards aim to integrate the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in an approach to teaching and learning. STEAM brings a new hands-on approach to learning that encourages students to explore and interact with what they are learning.

The Water chapter from our Earth & Space Science ready-made lesson plan provides a foundation into any students’ understanding of the important role that water plays on life on Earth. Students will learn that water can be solid ice, liquid water, or the gas called water vapor. They will continue to build on this basic knowledge to understand that not all water can be used by us, either to drink or to water our plants. A helpful color mini poster is provided to further supplement this concept of how little freshwater can be found on Earth. Download a free copy of this poster here.

Visit the blog post on Our Approach to Core Subjects: SCIENCE to learn how our ready-made lesson plans are formatted and meet the curriculum-based science standards.

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