Crunching the Numbers for Anti-Bullying Day: Statistics on Cyber Bullying

February 26 is Anti-Bullying Day. Bullying is a problem that everyone experiences. From the schoolyard to the classroom and even online. Cyber bullying is a growing problem. With anonymity, people online feel empowered to bully others. The following guide shared to us by our friends at PACER features statistics on cyber bullying that can help spread awareness of this issue.

Here are some of those statistics:

  • 73% of students feel they have been bullied in their lifetime.
  • 77% of kids agree that bullying and cyber bullying is not a part of growing up.
  • Cyber bullying is not limited to children and teenagers. Adults can be bullied; although this would be called harassment.
  • 69% of people admit to doing something abusive to others online.
  • Girls are more likely to be bullied online than boys.

To learn more, read all the cyber bullying statistics here. And, check out our October 2, 2017 blog post for strategies to help fight against cyber bullying.

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