Eat Right for Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. This year's theme is: Eat Right, Bite by Bite. Nutrition is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is the food we need so our bodies can grow and be healthy. There are 3 or 5 different food groups. This is shown as a food plate. This also tells you how much food from each group you should eat in a day to stay healthy. In the United States we use the MyPlate chart, which shows the 5 basic food groups: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein and Dairy. Download a mini poster of the MyPlate chart here. In Canada we use the new Food Guide, which shows 3 basic food groups: Vegetables & Fruits, Protein and Whole Grains. Download a mini poster of the Canadian Food Guide here.

Our bodies need nutrients to stay healthy. Nutrients are found inside food. They are broken down in our stomachs when we eat. Essential nutrients are ones that only come from what we eat. Non-essential nutrients are ones that we can get from inside our bodies.

Make your own weekly meal plan to help make sure you eat right. Download a helpful graphic organizer here. Write down what you will eat during the week. Try to have small meals with snacks in between. This will help you keep a healthy weight. It will also keep you full all day. If you want, you can use this chart as a tracker. Keep track of what you're eating during the week. Write down how many calories you can have at the top. Write down how many calories you use at the bottom.

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