Explore South America’s Amazon Rainforest this World Rainforest Day

June 22 is World Rainforest Day. The 2022 theme is: The Time is Now. We’ve seen the destruction of the Earth’s rainforests. We’ve seen the impact it’s had on the surrounding environment and the planet as a whole. We’ve brainstormed causes and solutions. Now it’s time to act! The first step in helping the rainforest is awareness. Help spread awareness of one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems with the help of our South America ready-made resource.

South America is home to the Amazon Rainforest, one of the world’s largest and most threatened rainforest. The Amazon River flows through this ecosystem. It is perhaps the most famous river in the world! In Brazil, the Amazon Rainforest covers most of the northern part of that country. Located along the Amazon River, just south of the equator, this jungle is rich with animal, fish, and insect wildlife. It is also an area in which many kinds of medicines have been discovered by scientists. Much of the air on earth is cleaned by the trees that grow there. However, in spite of these wonderful features, people are cutting down the trees at a very fast pace. The trees are used by people for paper and wood, but when they are cut down many animals lose their natural habitats, and we have fewer trees to clean our air. It is a dangerous situation, and many people are working to find a solution to this problem.

Possible answers: The Amazon rainforest helps clean much of the earth’s air, and many species live there.

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To learn more about efforts to save the rainforest, as well as joining the global summit on World Rainforest Day, visit the www.worldrainforestday.org website.

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