How to Encourage Readers to Keep Reading: Reading Strategies Over the Holiday Break

December is Read a New Book Month. It's designed to encourage readers to keep on reading during this busy month. We challenge both teachers and students to take part in this month-long reading adventure.

Here's what to do:

✔ pick a book genre you've never read before
✔ pick an author you've never read before

The goal here is to move out of your comfort zone and experience something new. Venture into new territories. If you normally read science fiction, try a thriller. Or, try out a different author from your favorite book genre. Choosing a new book to read is just half the battle. Encouraging students to keep reading is the other. Here are our top 5 strategies to encourage readers:

1. Set up a book club so students can discuss the book they are reading with others.
2. Pair the reading with an audio book to stimulate their senses.
3. Get creative and have students act out their favorite scene from the book.
4. Read aloud to a group, each taking turns reading different parts.
5. Create a reading corner filled with pillows and comfy chairs and block out some time dedicated to reading.

Need more encouragement? Try out some of these FREE graphic organizers for reading comprehension:

Character Web
Story Map
Concept Map

Have a look at our selection of Novel Study Guides to accompany your reading this month.

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