NaNoWriMo Challenge: 30-Chapter Novel

November is National Novel Writing Month, commonly known as NaNoWriMo. Encourage students to write their own novel during the month of November, whether it be short or long. The challenge: Write a chapter a day. The length of the chapter can be short—one page—or long—several pages in length. It's up to the author. By the end of the month, each student will have a 30-chapter novel to call their own.

Not sure how to get started? Here are our top tips to help you start writing:

1. Brainstorm. Come up with ideas by writing down all of your thoughts about a subject in a set period of time.
2. General to Specific. Think of a general topic you're interested in, like science. Narrow this down further into a specific subject, like space science, planets, mars. Write a story about a trip to mars.
3. Pick a genre. There are many types of stories out there. Decide which one you'd like to write: adventure, historical, mystery, realistic, science fiction, fantasy, animal.
4. Map it out. Make a map of your story, like a timeline. Include characters and key plot points that you want to touch on at specific times. Follow this map as you write your story.
5. Free writing. Just start writing. Think stream of consciousness. Write what comes in your head using complete sentences. It's okay if it doesn't make sense or doesn't flow together. Don't think too much as you put pen to paper.

Still need help? Get started with these helpful writing prompts:

  • Write about your best friend.
  • Write about your best Christmas ever.
  • Write about the most important event that happened to you.
  • Write about your summer vacation.
  • Write about the worst storm you've experienced.
  • Write about your most cherished memory.
  • Write about a vivid dream you remember having.
  • Write about what you think the future might be like.
  • Write about the time you went to a new place for the first time.
  • Write about the time you learned something important.

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