Get Moving with the Rubber Band Car Challenge

Celebrate Entrepreneur's Day this November 19 by challenging your students to design and build their very own race car. No, this isn't a life size car, but instead a small one. One that will be powered by rubber bands. Get into a small team or on your own. You will design, build, modify and race your car to victory.

1. Prepare.
a) What are some parts of a car you will need?
b) How does a car move?
c) Look up “Rubber Band Car” on the Internet for ideas.
d) Draw your design.
e) What parts of the Rubber Band Car are like a real car?

2. Build and Test.
a) How will you get the wheels to move at the same time?
b) Test your car. Does it do what you want? What changes could be made?
c) Make changes and re-test.

3. Let the race begin!
a) Race two or more cars at a time.
b) Which car was the fastest?
c) What car went the furthest?

4. Take it to the next level.
a) Make your car carry small items, like a tennis ball.
b) Have your car drive in sand, grass or thick carpet.

Now, think back on this exercise. How did you car design do? Try this same activity with another design. Check out our January 7, 2019 blog post for some steps on how to iterate and innovate. Or, take a look at our September 24, 2018 blog post for some techniques for inspiring innovation and iteration in the classroom.


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